Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're Back, Again

We're there, again. Providence Hospital, Waco, Texas, 5th floor this time. We came in the Presbyterian way, decently and in order. It turns out ol Larry wasn't just being his usual hyper vigilant self but obviously has been gifted with the power of super diagnosis; we have a urinary tract infection.

In point of fact it's not a really bad one; it's just one that we can't treat with oral antibiotics. We are once again fighting the same bacterial nemesis we did this past summer, only this time it's in the bladder not the lungs, but it's still pseudomonas aeruginosa. It's good we were able to identify the bug, identify it early and identify the appropriate antibiotic to kill it.

Great and Wise checked Marty's culture yesterday, yes on Saturday and called to give us the news. We decided to wait until today, Sunday, after church to come to the hospital. He called today to make sure there was a room at the inn, there was and here we are on the 5th floor, home of women's care and maternity. I like it up here, women are cleaner I think.

We came up and met the good Doctor and he checked us in and wrote all of the appropriate orders and we now are the owners of a brand new IV through which they will pour the bug fighting antibacterial and other goodies as needed. I told Great and Wise I needed to send Mrs. Great and Wise some flowers; she puts up with a lot. I'm sure she knows she is married to an amazing man but she needs to know how he makes people’s lives better.

Hopefully we can blow this joint by Wednesday, but that all depends on the bug. We can take comfort in knowing Nikki, Erica and Renae will be on the job and we have wonderful health care providers, providing health care. We shall see how it goes, so far, so smooth.

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