Friday, November 11, 2016

Superman and Heaven, Wisdom from Marty

Spoiler alert on a couple of fronts….If you plan on seeing Batman VS  Superman as it comes out on DVD or HBO and want to be surprised by the end of this less than inspiring movie, stop reading……I’m going to tell you how it ends.

And, if you are planning on dying at any time in your life, I have another spoiler. Both of these come from the all knowing sage, Marty.

First, the Superman thing. 

The Batman vs. Superman movie was pretty well savaged by the movie critics, they weren’t all wrong, it was kind of hard to follow.  We actually kind of liked the movie, but I like film, except the Magic Mike movies, both of them were a special kind of bad.

Superman VS Batman was overly long and chaotic and too visually dark especially if you have to sit up close like we do in the wheel chair section, note to theaters, give us a break please.  But, it was a movie, there was popcorn involved and it was fine, light afternoon entertainment, until the ending.

Here’s the spoiler, Superman dies and is buried at the end (theoretically).  I mean how can that be?  He’s indestructible, he can fly, he can do anything and these morons kill him?  Really?

I grew up a huge, huge Superman fan.  Bought and read all of the comics and watched the old George Reeves version on TV when I was somewhere you could get that station.  I ran around the neighborhood with a towel pinned around my neck flying and jumping off of some really high things until I figured the bath towel was only going to hang me if I didn’t quit. 

I was a pre-adolescent Superman apprentice so naturally I was affected by Superman’s untimely demise.  In fact I’m still a bit shocked, not Trump is our new president shocked, but Superman is dead shocked.

After the film, I sat in the movie darkness next to Marty as the credits were rolling by and with a heavy heart and deep sigh I said to Marty, “I can’t believe they killed off Superman, how can you kill Superman, how can Superman be really dead?”

Marty who was a little bored with the chaos on the screen looked up from her Diet Coke and said with a voice that sounded just like an impatient mother soothing their 10 years olds angst , or a bored partner impatient with her spouses idiocy,  “Ging (the shortened version of a nickname), don’t worry, it’s only a movie.”

Yea, I know, only a movie.  It’s not like I believed in Superman or anything but I wore a bath towel around my neck and jumped from roofs and they killed the man, they killed Superman.  Thanks Marty, I know it’s only a movie, geez….

Then there’s the whole dying and waking up in heaven after life thing.  Marty is a strong believer in the heaven after life thing.  She hasn’t always been there, but she is now.  Almost dying several times can give you a different perspective on this kind of thing.

We were driving down the highway one day talking about stuff and she told me she really believes that she will see her Mom and Dad again someday.  She knows her Mom is in heaven and mostly believes her Dad made it there too.

Remarkably, she believes I’m going to be allowed in her heaven too, with one caveat, she says I will be a lot nicer and not near as bossy.  She doesn’t really much like that whole bossy thing, never did from anyone which is why she is not 100% on her own Pop being in heaven. 

So, there you have it.  A super hero is dead but it’s only a movie and Marty’s apparently bossy grouchy husband will have a free ticket to the good place. 

Hope to see you all there, a long time from now.  You might not recognize me because I will be so much nicer.  I’ll be the guy with the towel pinned around his neck talking to Superman, and of course Marty.