Monday, July 28, 2008

The Beginning

I've never blogged before but I've read hundreds and I figure -- hey -- why not. I have stuff -- stuff to say and updates to give.

Mostly what you will read here is what Marty and I have learned in the past and what we continue to learn each day.

For those that don't know -- Marty is my wife of 30+ years. She is a pretty amazing woman who has changed me over the years, and I think has been changed by me. She is a woman who in the last two years has had two life changing and devastating strokes. She obviously has been changed, our life has been rocked, and I have a completely different view of life than I did two years ago.

What you will find here is our journey. How it started, where it's been, where we are and maybe a bit about where we are going -- though I try and be very careful with future state. This will be a mixture of updates on Marty, opinions on life and opinions on politics. After all, I am a man with time, the internet and voluminous opinions. Some good, some not so good.

I will welcome comments -- agreeable or not, because I am confident in my ignorance. I have taken hours and done very little research to substantiate all of my thoughts and opinions, so take them for what they are worth, the ravings of a professional caregiver and sanctimonious liberal.