Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making Progress

Hunting was good. It seems we have thrown enough shot into the air that we hit something. Marty's white count is down and her sodium is up; both good signs that we have the infection(s) under control.

Marty's arm hurts. We have moved from synthetic morphine to a couple of oral pain relievers and they work well enough and they don’t completely knock her for a loop. The EEG taken Wednesday seems to indicate the seizure Marty had last Sunday was something of an aberration and she does not have ongoing seizure activity. Her neurologist, Dr. S, actually used some bigger words but I can't spell or really remember them all that well. He still thinks Marty needs to be on Keppra, an anti-seizure medication. Based on the trauma from this past seizure, I relent.

Marty appreciates all of the kind words, thoughts and prayers. I read her all of them and she will ask, "Who said that, who wrote that, what did they say?" It feels good to her. It's nice to know people extend themselves to you. About the only other time that happens is when we die and as the dead person you don't really get to see all of that mourning and caring. I think we really should consider doing funerals before we die.

We are hoping to go home either Monday or Tuesday. Then we get to figure out we will need to adjust our daily life to accommodate Marty's broken arm.

I am so grateful we have Nikki, Renae and Erica, it will make the transition easier for both Marty and me. It turns out I'm not really patient, I wish I was, I try to be; I'm just not and the next few weeks will require copious amounts of that which I don't possess. We shall see and we will conquer.



Laura said...

Hey, Larry - nobody is really very patient, past a certain point. You will get to the point where you can feel patient again. I think people experience impatience to give them energy for the tasks ahead, and when the task is big, the impatience can be, too.

I was looking at the Common Souls photo where Marty was pinching my butt. It's one of the best pictures I've ever been in because it's probably the most real smile I've ever had captured. I really love that picture. If it won't jostle her arm too much, pinch her on the butt for me. Love y'all!

Marty's Husband said...

Laura -- Marty says, "That's sweet". We still have the picture in question on our refrigerator and you do have a great smile -- I never knew but it sounds like my bride. LK