Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peanut Butter

Marty and I have spent all of this weekend at the lake. It's cold, a bit windy but very peaceful. This is exactly where we need to be.

Matt, Sarah, Erin Lyle and our grandson, King Noah Bob, graced us with their presence for the weekend. This is exactly why we like to come to the lake, they all like coming here too.

Noah is getting bigger, likes to sit up in his Bopi or Bumpy (I can't keep this stuff straight) chair and survey his kingdom. He sits there, smiles his little toothless grin and really kind of melts your heart. I kept telling him he was a "pretty boy", Matt kept saying don't call him pretty. Regardless, he is a fine looking fellow and a happy lad.

When we raised Matt and Erin we tried to teach them tolerance. We wanted them to learn to listen to others, accept disagreement, have empathy, but above all try to never see yourself as better than others. Over this weekend I learned that both of my kids and their significant others have a dark secret. They are all, all four, peanut butter bigots.

I never knew, I never would have thought it was that important. They don't like my peanut butter; they either have to bring their own or they won’t eat a PB&J. Poor Lyle was stuck eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with low sugar jelly and my natural peanut butter. It’s not like it’s an off-brand, it’s not ACME peanut butter, it’s the good stuff.

Well, I say tough, grow up, kick the hydrogenated fat and get off your peanut butter high horse. I know all peanut butter is not created equal but this is good stuff and for all four of these adults to rise up in peanut butter protest is simply unconscionable.

Our kids and their chosen companions are old enough and should be wise enough to know that you can't always have Jif or Peter Pan that the world is a broad place and there are all kinds of peanut butter, some of which is actually better for you than others. Peanut butter is like life, sometimes you just have to tough it out and accept change and try something new and do it with an open mind you might find the healthier stuff is almost as good. Sacrifice for the future, cut the deficit now, do something about crime, eat better peanut butter.

As a parent I have always believed there are some things we should never know about our children. As a child I know there are some things I don't particularly want my parents to know. I'm proud of all of my kids -- but I have to say this whole peanut butter affair has opened my eyes in a way I would just as soon have avoided. I’m just not sure about anything any more. (Heavy sigh)

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Lyle said...

Larry, I respectfully disagree with this blog entry. I strongly believe that I do not HAVE to like and enjoy your peanut butter. That is, in fact, the very reason why there are so many different types of peanut butter. From now on, I will carry my own jar of peanut butter with me every time I make a visit to a Larry Kinard household. And I haven't yet decided if I'm going to share my delicious peanut butter with you.

However, I will spread my yummy peanut butter on a piece of bread for Marty. And I am pretty sure that she would be very thankful and appreciative of my pb&j sandwich making abilities.