Saturday, September 5, 2009


Even as I type Marty and I are sitting on the back porch of our house at Richland Chambers Resevoir. There is a slight southerly breeze and the oppressive heat of August has relented enough to enjoy sitting outside and watching the the boats pass through our cove. The wind chimes are chiming just enough to enjoy and our old dachshund, Maggie is sitting contentedly at our feet. It's like a Norman Rockwell painting with humidity.

Our kids are out on the boat enjoying the day before the heat and I'm thinking this is exactly why we have this house at this lake. Being surrounded by the water and the quiet and knowing people you love are beside you and out enjoying themselves is more than peaceful, it's contentment.

I told Marty that I wish, what a strange concept to wish, that I wish we could be sitting here, both with the same level of contentment, but that she wasn't sick, that she had not had the strokes. She continued to look out at the lake and said, "Me too, but I did, and I am content. What we have is livable".

She' right. Our life is very livable. It's not what we had planned. It's not what I would wish for, for Marty. She has developed this rather amazing attitude about her life. She certainly doesn't want to suffer, she certainly didn't want what happened to her, but she will live with what has happened and enjoy live as it is for her, for us, and for our whole family. She is an amazing woman.

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