Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Times

The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech Raiders and Midway Panthers all won this weekend. Combine that bonanza with rain both in Waco and at the lake house -- what a weekend. Then add to that, a visit from my baby girl, Erin .... can it get better??? Yes -- it can, because Marty is still doing very well. She is sleeping good, waking good and feeling good. This, in our life, is pretty damn good. In fact, it's better than that, it's really excellent, today, and all we need to worry about is today.

Marty really has been doing well of late. I think this is the first time in awhile she has felt good for an extended period of time. Once we finally got rid of the dreaded pseudomonas she has done better. She has been on antibiotics for minor types of infections a couple of times in the last 60 days -- but for us, that's nothing. For us this is the height of wellness.

The best part is, since Marty has been feeling good she has been exhibiting signs of the past; she has been getting pretty bossy around the house. She is giving instruction to me and the caregivers pretty regular, take this glass there, wash that over there, move me here, now. It's great. If you had told me five years ago I wanted Marty to boss me around I would have called you a liar. But you never know what you're going to lose or miss when you lose it.

Today, Sunday, Erin and Nikkie took Marty to Babys-R-Us to do a little shopping for Larry-Bob. Have I said that I will have a first grandson soon and his name shall be Larry-Bob and that his Mother and Father have forbidden anyone to call him Larry-Bob upon earth entry? I have? So sorry. Anyway, they went shopping and Marty helped. I didn't go. That is good. That is good for Erin, that is good for Marty, that is good for Nikkie and for me, it's just hard for some of us not to be in total control.

At Babys-R-Us they managed to find several things for the Kinard prodigy. We had looked on the register and I had kind of decided we needed to invest in a co-sleeper, a really pretty cool baby sleeper bed thingy. Marty apparently made an executive decision in the store that what LB really needed was a swing, so guess what, they got the swing and those of us that didn't go didn't get to decide. It's a very familiar feeling.

Erin, my baby girl (she's 26) got a taste of her old Mom too. Marty, being Marty, wanted to know what everything cost before she would consent to pay for anything. Erin really liked the baby robe and slippers which doesn't make much sense to me, but again, I wasn't there, so I didn't get to vote. They apparently didn't make much sense to Marty either because she refused to pay for that. When they got to the check out stand they asked if she was ready to pay and she said, "yes, for everything but the robe and slippers". Erin paid for it.

I really like it when Marty does things that remind me of the old Marty. I love the new Marty. I accept this new normal for us. It's just really nice to see the flash in her eyes, to see her rub her chin as she used to when she was angry, to hear her ask what?, why? almost incessantly, and to see her be in charge. That's pretty normal too.

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