Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don Quixote

Out of town trips, going places, breaking the routine is kinda hard. It's kinda hard on a lot of levels, not the least of which are the logistics of going anywhere with a wheelchair. Mostly it's kinda hard because you never really know how Marty is going to do on these excursions and you never really know if she will really be up to the trip. Maybe I'm the only one who is anxious about them, but trips make me feel just a little bit hinky.

Last Saturday we did make it to Dallas for Larry Bob's shower -- oh, I mean, Sarah's shower. Daughter Erin and Sarah's sister Amanda threw this little Dallas soiree and sent these so cute invitations (I sound like a WOMAN). Actually, Marty liked the invitations, they had a little rhyme. When we got the invitation one of our caregivers asked if we would go. Being the incredibly wishy -washy guy that I am, I said, we'll see. Being the incredible Marty, Marty said, "well, I'm going". Guess what -- we went and I believe Marty had a good time. She held up well throughout the shower and felt normal and a part of normal life. As they say in the credit card commercial, "priceless".

Today we are in Dalhart Texas. We have embarked on the Quixotic quest to see Marty's Mom, Jean, who is in a wonderful little nursing home in Dalhart. Me, Marty and Sancho (Renae) took off early this morning on this epic voyage in our gray stead and made really good time ( a guy thing, making good time is a big deal -- ask your male significant other, they will understand). It's only 500 friggin miles -- geeze it's a long way. We haven't been here since Mother's Day in '08 so it's been too long.

Being in Dalhart feels good. It's cool and crisp. They tell me it smells of livestock -- my allergies spare me the olfactory overload. It brings back really good memories of Christmas's past, ski trips, rodeos and hunting. Most of why we are tied to Dalhart is gone, but I still like being in the panhandle. It's a pretty unique place.

We will go see Marty's Mom a couple of times tomorrow. It's always a little interesting to see Marty and Jean together. Jean has had health issues for a long time and suffers a little bit of age related dementia but last time we were here she remembered about Marty's strokes and really did all of the Mother type stuff, in spite of her infirmities. It's really quite moving to watch.

Marty is doing good. She got up early, rode all day in the van and kept good spirits and I think being here really kind pushes her to think, to talk, to interact. We went to our normal supper place here and she knew what she wanted, ordered it and did great. I know as I write this she is really tired, because I'm really tired. It's a hard but gratifying trip.

Our quest will continue for a couple of days and we will head home Saturday for the last leg of our trip. I'm sure as we spend time here and move south we will have opportunities to tilt at some windmills. I loved Don Quixote.

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