Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Andrew Prada

My young friend Andrew, a doctoral Chemistry candidate at Cornell, has always been one to take sacrificial stands, like saying Duran Duran is the best rock band ever and making zippy comments about my 70’s hair and sartorial splendor as displayed in a picture on a previous post.

Because he raised the issue, and because I was skinny (all things are relative), and because we have the pics here is more fodder for your fashion criticisms. Circa 197? Really, my hair got bigger, not longer.

Now you have to know Andrew. He’s never heard an argument he didn’t want to have. He has always been convinced he knows the truth about almost everything from the Kennedy assassination to the best rock and roll music. But, we all know from the above Duran Duran remark he’s not always right. He is a lot of the time, just clearly not always, and really, my clothes were very cool for the day.

Andrew was in my Sunday school class for four years. He was a young man with wonderful insight and a willingness to discuss said insight. One of my best memories of Sunday school was the time we got into the discussion of Agape, or Christian love and the only way I could think to differentiate Agape love from real love was to tell Andrew it wasn’t the “Rollin on the beach kind of love”. He got that and I don’t think he’s even seen from Here to Eternity with Burt and Debra.

My other favorite memory of Andrew is skiing with him and his family. Both of the Patrick boys were adventurous to say the least, but Andrew topped them all one fine afternoon at a small ski resort in New Mexico called Siapapu. On that day Andrew took more air, jumped the farthest, and landed harder than anyone I have ever seen. The kid must have been 20 feet in the air doing 30 mph when he landed on his back right under the ski lift. It was the nicest I have ever seen his brother, David, be to him, and we heard the best comment ever from above on the ski lift. Just as Andrew started to move a little, some guy from up above says, “Great yard sale, dude”, commenting on the fact that there was skiing debris all over the place from where Andrew had been introduced to gravity. The other thing that struck me was that the ski patrol guy had on nail polish, oh well.

Andrew and his lovely wife Leah (you married up dude) are finishing post graduate education at Cornell U in New York. Since his parents got him through those really rough years I am proud to claim Andrew as one of mine.


Andrew said...

In hindsight the Duran Duran issue probably wasn't great for my credibility, but I do maintain that they're a very good band though perhaps not the best ever!

I believe the epic bust on the ski slopes was the first time it occurred to me that I may not actually be invincible.

Love the blog-- keep it up. I'll do my best to have a good bowel movement joke for Marty next time. And for the record, I wasn't being COMPLETELY facetious with my SUAVE comment. Also, I'm not the only one who married up.

Matt said...

He's also the proud owner of "one steak dinner in guarantee" courtesy of a mouthy wager from your son....

LeahNicole said...

Oh yeah, Matt, I'd like to capitalize on that steak dinner as well... just fyi.

And Larry, you look like Sirius Black in that picture. I realize this comment makes me an epic nerd, but that was the first thought that went through my mind when I saw the pic.

And, on a daily basis I'm still trying to explain to Andrew he isn't invincible. It's a tough job.