Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just One Joke

Marty loves a good joke, she always has. She was raised in a family of joke tellers. Her Dad, Arty, could tell a million of them, her brother Jerry loved the long complicated joke, and Marty was a real Watkins in terms of joke telling. She can't really remember jokes to tell them anymore, but she loves to hear them, the bluer, the ruder, the nastier the better. What can you expect from the progeny of a meat packer and a Baptist Sunday School teacher?

If you want to get a real belly laugh out of Marty just tell her a good off-color joke. She loves Rodney Carrington, Ron White and in particular (let's all groan together, Larry the Cable Guy). Marty just likes rude, dumb humor, and it's even better if it involves flatulence at all. She will laugh until completely choked up, every time she sees the You Tube video of Robert Tilton, the tele-Evangelist, called the farting preacher. If you haven't seen it, and you like fart humor, Google it.

We were telling our German home health nurse about Marty's affinity for dirty humor while she changed the bandage on Marty's PICC line yesterday. Marty giggled while she worked. Then this very serious nurse turns to Marty and says, "he can't listen, looking at me, but have you heard the one about the naked man walking down the jungle path and comes upon this huge elephant. Both the naked man and the elephant stop and eye each other closely, up and down. The elephant then says to the man, "cute, but can you breathe through it"". So, Marty giggles a little and says, it's just not that funny, then we all broke up. Marty is still very much a smart ass.

Okay, I have one more joke. I'm legendary in my joke telling. Legendarily bad. I can't remember them. I can't get the stories straight, I forget the punch line or I just don't tell it right. But this one, I got cold because it's short and simple. So, what did the three legged dog say as he walked into the bar??? "I'm looking for the man we shot my Paw......." Get it?

If you have some good jokes, leave a comment, I'll read them to Marty, give you credit and keep you posted. It's good to laugh, it's great to see and hear Marty laugh.

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Sharon said...

Okay, but only because this is for Marty....

Q: What's the difference between a woman and a freezer?

A: A freezer doesn't fart when you pull the meat out.