Monday, July 13, 2009

Caution TMI

For all of the years I have known Marty she has been an anti-puker. You know the kind, we will do anything, we will endure almost anything, we will take pills or other (ahem) things to avoid the up-chuck. It's just that disgusting, it's just that wrong for your body to do to you. Marty hates it and so do I.

Unfortunately, Marty has become something of a puker. Mostly she is not aware that it is about to happen, which sort of compounds the misfortune. She is a real trooper about the whole thing, she is always apologetic, like she could control it somehow, but you can tell she hates this really unnatural, natural act.

Marty has been on a very powerful antibiotic for 15 days, most of this time at home. She has not exhibited any signs of the listed side effects, no rash, no breathing issues, no this or that, we were doing pretty well with the whole home IV administration thing. Her last blood test last Monday indicated some progress but still a slight infection. The recent sputum sample indicated the pseudomonas bug was gone so we had somewhat mixed news, thus we continued the antibiotic until yesterday.

Yesterday, Sunday, Marty blew big chunks after the first IV dose of antibiotics for the day, while she was still in bed. This is one of the many side effects listed for Merrem. (I keep telling Marty at least it wasn't anal leakage, cracks her up every time). Nikkie, unfortunately had the duty and was great at assisting Marty. Mercifully, my allergies are such, I can't smell a thing, so I didn't get sick too.

I talked to the great and wise Dr. Martindale and we both figured we should try and keep on with the antibiotics. Marty took some medicine and slept most of the rest of the day. She did eat a tad bit of lunch and went back to sleep. The 2nd dose of antibiotics was given at 4 pm as planned.

All went well until 6 pm when Marty, bless her heart got sick again. It just ain't right, I'm telling you. This time Erica pulled the short straw and was here and was great support. At this time I made the command decision to DC (cool medical talk for discontinue) the antibiotic until I could talk to the great and wise again.

Marty took another phenegran, drank and ate very little the rest of the day but did sleep through the night.

Please note, there are a number of problems with my bride spewing, beyond the very obvious. It completely depletes the body of fluids and keeping Marty hydrated is always a top priority. There is also the real chance of aspiration, getting some of said chunks in her airway, which will lead to a secondary infection. And last, it is almost always a sign of other issues, though I think this time it's just a reaction to the antibiotic, which is something of a problem in itself.

I know this post probably goes under the category of really gross and too much information but it gives you a real picture of life with Marty. As always she is the center of our world and the one all of us worry about in these situations. It ain't always pretty, but as Jon and Kate used to say, "It's our Life".

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