Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Been Fishin'

My children, Matt and Erin, took me fishing at Richland Chambers Lake on this past Saturday for Father's Day. They hired a guide, Jason, to take us out and slay a few Hybrid bass. A really good time was had by all.

First Jason took us to a couple of bays to look for and cast a net for shad. I've seen this done before but never up close and personal. I personally didn't cast a net, but as hot as it was, I sweated for Jason as he worked hard for his money.

Jason then took us to his hot spot, baited the hooks with shad (through their little noses) and told us to drop our lines 12 pulls, set the reel on free spin and be ready to lock and then reel. Basically, sit down, shut up and fish. Neither I nor the kids had ever been fishing strictly for large Hybrid bass so we didn't really know.......well anything really.

I got the first bite and the first fish. Turned out it was a baby, only about five pounds. But it still didn't want to come aboard easily. Then Matt started a few minutes later and ran off a string of about five fish before anyone else had a chance. Then Erin, poor baby, who had struck out all afternoon started catching some fish. We ended up when all three of us had a fish on at about the same time. I landed mine, a relative small fry, and waited for Erin to land her fish. She took her own sweet time but ended up with Moby Hybrid shown above.

All told -- we caught our limit. We all learned a lot, got hot, but not too hot cause we were having such a good time, and ended the evening eating some fried fish (complements of Matt the chef) and some Frito pie (a rarely seen delicacy out the Kinard household).

What a great Father's day -- what a great way to spend a June afternoon.

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