Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

We're back. Back in the saddle again. Back to Providence, 3rd floor south. Our home away from home.

When last we left you Marty and her gang had galloped off into the West, happy to have identified and incarcerated the bug wearing the black hat using some very powerful antibiotics. Apparently the bad guys escaped the hoosgow as it's baaaack.

Marty isn't real sick, yet. We are trying to be very aggressive and stave off a really bad spell. We believe we have the right medicine, we apparently need to give it to her a little bit longer than last time and hopefully we can kill this pseudomonas aeruginosa, again.

The plan, today, is to give her antibiotics for a couple of days and then maybe have a peripherally inserted central catheter (picc line) inserted to give Marty the IV antibiotics home. It's the only way I could get her to agree to come, she really doesn't like it here and she is getting pretty verbal about it.

Providence is a pretty good hospital, though the main parts have become a bit dated, compared to newer hospitals. If you can get in the East wing you are in the good stuff. Everywhere else is okay, but not as nice. This time we originally were on the East wing, bigger rooms, nicer rooms; but they use wireless telemetry there and they needed the room for a cardiac patient, so we moved to 3rd floor south. Been there done that. You would think we could get like frequent user upgrades but no so.

By the way -- how about another shameless plug for the good and wise Dr. Martindale. This is a very busy Family Practice Doctor who always has time to see you. This is the Doctor who says, no problem, I'll meet you at the hospital on Saturday so you don't have to go to the Emergency Room. This is the Doctor who makes my wife smile when she sees him, because she knows how lucky we are. This Doctor and his staff are what is right with the health care system. We need more of him.

So, here we are again. Today I feel like we have everything under control. But that is today. I have a great deal of respect for bacteria and what infection can do to a human body, I have seen it. I know how bacteria can change and come back. All of that stuff is very real. But, today, we are on the right path to clear this up and that's a good thing.

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