Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Story and The Story

I'm sitting here beside Marty as she eats strawberries while watching Family Dad. We are still in the hospital but I think we have found the correct antibiotic for the infection. The miracle of modern medicine strikes again.

Marty is doing well. We got her out of bed after lunch and she sat in a chair for a couple of hours while we played cards. She still likes blackjack. If I could figure out how to get her to Vegas ...naw...... that would be a really bad idea. She could get in real trouble there. But, it does reminds me of a time when we were in Vegas several years ago and she was playing blackjack. Marty always liked to get to know the dealers and she always would strike up a conversation with them. If they didn't like to talk -- she would move on to someone else. I can't remember the exact circumstances but one dealer looked at her and said, "do you want another card little lady?" Well Marty had recently completed her doctorate and she looked at the guy and said, "that's doctor little lady to you". Her called her Doctor Little Lady the rest of the night.

Big Segue --- What is right about health care today? My wife's care. We have had such great success with Providence Hospital, the nurses, the CNAs and the Respiratory Techs. They are consistent, kind and treat Marty like a person, which is a real gift for someone that has to be in the hospital from time to time. And then of course there is Marty's doctor who epitomizes what a Doctor should be. He really is concerned about what is best for Marty and his whole focus is how do we keep her well enough to do things she likes to do. His ethic permeates his entire staff, and all of them from the nurses to the front office people are nothing but helpful and kind. You should all hope for the same health care experience.

We should be here for a few more days simply to take the full cycle of the antibiotic. I hate being here, but I hate coming back more, so we stay, take the medicine and try and figure out a way to get Marty out of the room from time to time. I'm hoping we get sprung in time to make it to the lake for a few days at the end of this week, but, remember the day-to-day thing and we will see when we see. And if you are just simply enraptured by this blog and have to read every word, you will want us out to so I don't have quite so much time on my hand. Yeah to Providence for finally getting wireless.

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