Friday, November 20, 2009


I've written before that we kind of gauge our life by the frequency of visits to the doctor, the hospital or the emergency room. It's been almost three weeks since we have been in the immediate presence of "The Great and Wise". That means our life has been rolling along very nicely. It's been a month since Marty has taken any antibiotics. This is the longest I can remember since the strokes. It's been a wonderful respite.

We did go see the good Doctor today just to get a pre-Thanksgiving check up. All appears to be going well, a slightly elevated white count, but not enough to break our anti-antibiotic record. No extra meds for my girl today.

"Great and Wise" and I did come to an agreement that dear Marty is probably due to have portraits done; of her colon. This is otherwise known as a colonoscopy. It is a wonderful life saving procedure that requires a rather interesting, colorful, uncomfortable preprocedure prep; a sense of humor; and some amazing drugs. Versed can be your friend in this particular situation. It makes you forget.

Marty was an active participant in the discussion with Dr. Martindale. Her input was succinct and to the point, "No". She is really not much interested in the old colon pictures. It's okay if they want to do that to me -- not to her. I'm having the same procedure done, on Pearl Harbor day. I suggested we do a twofer, again answer was to the point, "No". Not much fun there. Marty was still saying "No, not gonna do it" in her best George HW Bush impression as we left the good doctors office. I'll try and get pictures to post after we're done, it should be great.

Marty is doing really well. I asked her the other day if she was happy and she of course said she was. I asked her at the same time if she was content, she convinces me every time I ask that she is. Marty is a remarkably resilient woman, colonoscopies notwithstanding, and she has found a way to be content and happy with who she is and what she can do, today. It doesn't mean she doesn't miss who she was and what she could do before; she just lives each day with what she has become. She has always kept me humble, she still does.

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