Tuesday, November 10, 2009

8 Pounds

My wife has always been kind of a supreme know-it-all and smart ass. Bright, quick, articulate – all are/were descriptions of Marty. She was/is funny, irreverent and I believe put on this world, among other things, to keep me humble. She certainly has always done a wonderful job at that.

While I was on my recent sinning sabbatical in Las Vegas (good time, lost money, but fought them hard for it) my lovely daughter and her equally lovely significant other Lyle came to Waco to keep Marty company. Lyle is slowly becoming one of Marty’s favorites. He is not afraid of her; he talks to her like she is normal and is always and forever asking questions. Marty likes normal and likes to answer questions..

While they were here Lyle apparently became enthralled with collecting bottle caps from Diet Coke bottles. Diet coke is a subsistence beverage in the Kinard household so one could theoretically accumulate a bunch of these caps. Lyle was most interested in the codes and the come-ons in the caps, thinking there could be much bounty gained through the caps.

Right before Lyle and Erin were to leave for home Lyle couldn’t stand the suspense of not knowing what great stuff they were going to score by redeeming the bottle caps. All I heard was this part of the conversation as Lyle, obviously disappointed, hunkered over the computer:

Lyle: “We thought we were going to win all kinds of Coke clothes or free drinks and stuff:

Marty: “We didn’t think that – You thought that.”

That’s my baby, putting things right where they need to be.

The next day we were having lunch with Nikkie when Marty had another of her classic moments.

With the new grandson, Noah Robert Kinard, we have seen a lot of new pictures of Noah. To prove the our families link to Sir Noah Erin drug out some old baby pictures of Matt, Noah’s Father and our son. Matt was a beautiful little boy. He had bright blue eyes and silky blond hair. He had that natural kind of Scandinavian look of his ancestors. A handsome child, but he had a big head. He still has a large head but it is filled with love, brains and goodness and we all love him for his size 8 melon.

Nikkie says to Marty, “Matt really had blue eyes when he was a baby. He was really pretty, but he had a big head.”

Marty replies, “Yeah he did, it hurt… to give birth”….laughter of course, Marty intended it to be funny.

Nikkie: “How much did he weight?”

Marty: “Nine pounds……eight pounds of head”

I’m sorry but I spit out my food and cracked up as did Nikkie as did Marty. I don’t know if it is really all that funny but I am still laughing as I write this, with apologies to my handsome son. Marty could always make me laugh the hardest – she still does.

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Beth Vivio said...

Great stories! I particularly love the big head story. Our boys have decided that my head is exceptional large. For ages it was a frequent family joke, so one day I insisted that we all measure our heads. Much to their surprise and disappointment, I have the smallest head in the family. I too remember very clearly giving birth to both of my big headed boys!