Saturday, May 16, 2009


This afternoon I was standing in the garage watching the rain. You can't take the West Texas out of a guy and I still like to listen, watch and smell the rain. It really reminded me of a long time ago, in Lubbock, sitting in my garage of our rent house, I think on 6th Street. It was late in the evening and I was sitting with Marty just watching and smelling the rain. What I remember the most was how content and perfect it all felt and how I wanted that feeling to never go away. Well, it does go away, but it comes back again to visit from time to time. That's about all we can ask for really. Nikki brought Marty out to the garage and for a minute we got to sit in the garage and watch the rain, just like 35 years ago. It's a small thing -- but it was pretty cool. And then I think I may have cracked Marty's ribs trying to get her in the car. It comes and goes.


Pam said...

My God, Larry! U are as articulate as you are loving. Isn't it bizarre what life throws at us and we somehow survive? The journey continues to amaze me. I will not allow it, just as you have demonstrated, to take anything from me. I'll fight back with all my might and come out better, albeit different, than before. Hang in there, my dear friend, and know that we are all here for you should you need us. I love the rain and it's mystical magic, as well.

Erin said...

First of all, I LOVE this photo. I think I make that same face in pictures today! Furthermore, I am happy that you are able, from time to time, to experience moments of grace and happiness. It gives me some peace. I suppose that's really what life is about...the moments along the way.

Matt said...

What there some sort of sever razor shortage in West Texas or something? Geez man.

Get a haircut.


I love the blog. Keep it updated.

Andrew said...

Just as pertinent as the hair... the apparel? SUAVE