Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brain Dump

I am a stream of consciousness kind of guy, full of random thoughts that spill out in no particular order.  Marty was pretty much the same way, though a much more focused thinker.  As I have not been able to write a coherent sentence for a few days I thought I would simply write down a few of these incredibly insightful and intelligent thoughts:
  • ·         We went to see Marty’s neurologist this week and I updated him on Marty’s recent health.  I hadn’t realized it but she hasn’t taken an antibiotic since the middle of May.  I do count, that’s four months, that’s fantastic.
  • ·         My son who is a loyal young man and a faithful reader is convinced I never had sexual relations with his mother.  He just couldn’t get past the first two paragraphs of my last post.  Sorry big guy, I was there at your conception, your sister too.
  • ·         I’ve been thinking about my fears lately.  My fears range from messing up something that hurts Marty to dentists to snakes.  A new fear – President Rick Perry.  He makes George Bush look measured, reasoned and intelligent.  You have to wonder why we have to replay the Scopes Monkey trial all over again.
  • ·         In the last five years I have had two minor bouts of cellulitis, a virginal introduction to poison ivy, two stomach viruses and one minor episode of food poisoning.  Now I have the shingles.  I have learned two things from all of this, the shingles really, really hurt, I am allergic to poison ivy and I clearly need to wash my hands more. 
  • ·         I have had some of the kindest and most understanding notes and comments about my blog post on sex.  It is so meaningful for people to say, in so many ways, they understand the loss of this most basic part of our life.  It really is touching.
  • ·         We celebrated my father and mother’s 83rd birthdays in August and September.  We celebrated Marty’s birthday in August and we are going to Dallas to celebrate my son’s birthday to be followed by my grandson’s birthday, the birth of our third grandchild (the baby to be named later) and my daughter’s birthday in November.  Clearly my family tends to procreate in the winter months.
  • ·         Unless he commits some heinous crime I will still vote for Barack Obama.  Given the circumstances (a $1.5 trillion deficit he inherited, the economy contracting by 5% and shedding 200k jobs per month) I think he has done more right than wrong.  Though I tell you, if the rumors that he really is a Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, Marxist trying to establish a USA caliphate and he has used his secret Muslim scientists to cause the drought in Texas then he can count me out.
  • ·         I wish a very quick recovery to my children’s other Mom, Sue.  Surgery sucks, two surgeries double suck, three times in the hospital, well it’s just a major drag.  So sorry for you and aren’t you proud of your children and your husband.
  • ·         I worry that my Texas Tech Red Raiders are going to be a team without a country when the Big 12 implodes.  All of this blowing off of tradition kind of makes me sad and that makes me feel like an old fogey.
  • ·         I skim the obituaries for people I might know.  Does that make me old?  When I read them and talk about them to my friends and then talk about having the shingles that makes me old.  Having a 32 year old son, a 29 year old daughter, a 2 year old grandson doesn’t make me old, it makes me happy.
  • ·         I sometimes worry I don’t try enough new things for and with Marty.  I’m not sure I am doing enough to really keep her stimulated.  It takes a lot of energy for both of us to do things and go places and step out of our routine.  I hope when I look back on these days I see that I kept the right balance for her and for me. 
  • ·         Flu shots get your flu shots, it’s easy and they don’t hurt, much.  HPV, get your HPV vaccine if you are young enough and your parents will let you, preventing cancer is a good thing.  I like it when I can find a reason to agree with my Governor.
  • ·         Last, from the what I learn from Marty file, cut people some slack.  No matter what I do to Marty, no matter how many times I bang her foot into the wall when I’m pushing her wheelchair, or how many times I simply hold her wrong, her action is always very simple.  She forgives and completely moves past the bump, every day she cuts me slack.  It makes me want to do better.
I told you they come out in fits and spurts, it’s just random.  That’s why sometimes I have to let the ideas flow and spill out or my brain just gets too crowded.  My brain feels better now.

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