Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's What Most of Us Voted For

It's finally coming to a vote. As I write this post I don't know whether the health care reform bill will pass, it's very close, but we are finally going to see an up or down vote and an end to this legislative cluster.

I have seen, used and purchased health insurance of all types over the last five years. I have been rocked in the cradle of corporate insurance and been forced to buy from the one insurance provider that would underwrite me. I have seen medical providers at their worst and at their best, up close and personal. Since Marty's illness I have seen our health care system up close and too personally and I know it has to change. Our elected President and our Congress have finally and incrementally moved to the precipice of making a decision to help the people.

For those who are screaming about Senate reconciliation votes and Congressional deem and pass votes it’s important to keep in mind; all of those folks who are voting yea or nay have been duly elected by their constituents. For those who are up in arms about our Presidents single-minded pursuit of sea change in our health care please keep in mind this is exactly what he campaigned on and the majority of the USA voted for him and it is exactly what he said he planned to achieve.

Republicans held complete power for six years. They were essentially thrown out of office in 2006 because the failed in their bargain with the American people. In 2008 virtually everything Republicans stood for was repudiated by the voters in the United States. This was not a coup, the American people mandated a change and ultimately, if the American people do not like the change, they can vote out the Democrats, that is how our system works. Every one of the Congressman or women who will vote on the reconciliation bill and HCR were voted into office and are accountable to the people in their districts.

I suspect all of the yeas were voted into office knowing and hoping they would vote for health care reform. When they vote yea or nay on the bills they will be doing what they told their constituents they would do, voting for or against health care reform. My Congressman, Chet Edwards is voting no, I don't like that vote at all but, I'm not surprised by his vote, he feels it's what his constituents want.

The Senate will then need to take up the reconciliation bill, a bill that is basically taking out some trash from the original bill. They will get an up and down vote, it will not pass without a majority of our Senators voting for the bill, just as it should be. A super majority has already voted to approve this bill. Just like the House, these people were all elected by we the people. Again, I doubt seriously if any of the yea votes will be a surprise to their constituents; if it is, and a majority doesn’t like the vote, they will be voted out when they run for office. That's the way it works and to quote our President, "That's what elections are for."

It amazes and dismays me to hear all of these people, all of these good, well-intentioned people talking about treason, impeachment, civil war, or revolution because duly elected representatives are doing the work of their districts. I am just flummoxed that ordinary, law-abiding citizens would scream and shout and throw racist slurs at Congressmen who are voting for their constituency. These are the people we elected doing exactly what they said they would do; again, this is what elections are for.

I love a spirited debate; I think it is an integral part of our country. I like that people are passionate about their policy positions and are involved. I despise the hatred, the hyperbole, the lies and the fact you just can't believe anyone. Somehow, we have to get to the point, we have to understand, elections matter and the people who were elected by us, the American people, are doing what we asked them to do. When we voted last November, we voted for health care

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Tempie said...

I agree 100 percent, thanks for expressing it.