Monday, January 25, 2010

Who She Knows

Someone asked me the other day if Marty would recognize them.  My standard response and a response that is approved by Marty,  is she remembers everyone she knew before the stroke and some of those who are with her all of the time after the stroke and all of those who are really important to her.  She may not remember names but she recognizes and absolutely knows who they are and what they are to her.

There have been two people she has obviously etched in her memory since she had her strokes.  Two that she never forgets their name and knows immediately -- Lyle (go figure), Erin's significant other, and of course Noah. 

She always remembers Noah's name and knows exactly who Noah is and to whom he belongs.  Make no mistake, she knows her grandson and she knows she is a Grandmama. 

Marty relishes her chances with Noah and what I hope is we are able to give Noah and others a very real picture of who Marty really is, what her story is and what she has been to so many.  That's his Daddy's job and that's my job.  Noah will have to know Marty's old normal through us.  .

Maybe in the long run it's not so important that Marty knows who other people are -- I really want other people to know her, all of her.

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