Sunday, October 18, 2009

He's Here

When Matt and Erin were old enough to start going out on their own with their peers Marty would often see them out the door with, "Remember whose you are". They would turn and look at her, go out and do their thing. To my knowledge, they would always remember and got into very little trouble, to my knowledge (as any parent will attest ignorance can be bliss).

When Marty would send them off she was trying to reinforce what we both believed about all of us, that we all needed to live our lives and conduct ourselves with the honor and integrity that would make our faith and our families proud. She was reminding them that they were loved and belonged. Marty was reminding Matt and Erin that they were not only our children and responsible to us but they were part of a larger community, children of God.

Soon, relatively speaking, Matt will get the chance to say the same thing to his own son, to Noah Robert. No, they didn't name my grandson Larry Bob, they went with Noah Robert Kinard instead. A good choice for a magnificent event. Noah came October 17 and weighed in at 7 lbs 11 ounces and is 20 inches long. He has light hair, blue eyes, long fingers and his father's round face. He is absolutely intoxicating. It's amazing.

Some day I know Matt and Sarah will want Noah to have the same regard for faith, honor, and responsibility that we wanted for Matt and Erin. Some day I know they will want to tell Noah to "remember whose he is" so that he will know he is loved by his mother, his father, his grandparents and all of his family. Some day I know Matt and Sarah will remind Noah that in "remembering whose he is" he is accepting a legacy as a true child of God. "

It's a true gift that with the birth of Noah, with any birth, we are all reminded to "remember whose we are". Babies make it easy to remember.


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Very moving... and a welcome reminder... thank you