Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have some very profound philosophical musings that I am sure the 10's of, well 10, of my readers will find quite thought provoking and stimulating. But, before I get to that discussion of women,men, politics, religion, sex and perversion I need to care for a couple of housekeeping items.

Sarah, better known as the Mother of Larry-Bob, (you all know we will soon have a Kinard Grandson)re-designed the blog. One afternoon at the lake I asked her to kind of "sex" it up, since I personally have no skills in that arena -- designing blogs that is. Sarah is great with all of that kind of stuff and she took it upon herself to do it all. She chose the red because my bride likes red and she put the couch in it because, as she said, Marty, the psychologist is still teaching and counseling all of us. Pretty cool stuff, I think. And, she is the MTB (mother to be) of my first grandson who shall be called something other than Larry-Bob. Anyway, thank you Sarah, you did great. Don't she and Matt look cute (sounding like a girl again).

As you may know, if you have read previous posts, we recently went to Dalhart to see Marty's mother, Jean Watkins. She is a case study in perseverance. She has had countless medical issues over many years and is still ticking. But, it is always a question, will she remember us since it is so long between visits. She always remembers Marty, and me most of the time.

Jean was pretty sluggish when we went to visit in the morning but she was on her game that afternoon. Mostly she wanted to know about Marty and how she was doing. I told her we were taking good care of Marty, Marty, thankfully agreed. Jean wanted to know about her doctors and if we should be getting Dallas doctors to help. All very appropriate.

When it was time to leave I told Jean, you have to yell since she can't hear well, we were leaving and she said she wanted to go. I started fumbling around to find the right thing to say: "so sorry you can't go", "you need to stay here so they can care for you", and last "I just can't get both wheelchairs in the van". This is where my dear bride threw me under the bus, she says to me, "take her this time, I'll stay here". Bless her little pointy head. I fumbled through some other inane excuses and finally left. Leave it to Marty...

We are headed to the lake this week, God willin' and the creek not spillin', so I will be writing about perversion from RC. So tune in next time. Later.

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