Friday, September 25, 2015

Black and White

I have a good friend at my gym for geriatrics that is consistently giving me grief about my choice of athletic footwear.  He says I wear old man shoes; I say I wear what I like, plain colored shoes; it’s what’s cool at WRS.  I will say he’s not the first to point out that I’m a bit behind the work out fashion eight ball.

In the attached picture; I was trolling my buddy at WRS and showing him how I could walk the fashion edge by wearing one black and one white shoe.    He helped me with the shoe laces so I would look even cooler.  Gretchen, my fitness muse and fellow movie aficionado, just shook her head.

I married a woman who never just shook her head and moved on I married a woman who rarely let any chances go by to keep me humble, I married a woman who rarely had any thought that wasn’t given voice.  

In the old Colorado City Texas days in addition to saying stuff like, “far out” and  “that’s cool man” we referred to giving some one grief or teasing them as “rockin’ “ on them.  You know like, “He really rocked on you that time.”  Marty has always been the queen of “rockin” on me.

After lunch on the day of the great shoe war we had a doctor’s appointment.  Because of the shoe laces I decided to go the easy route and just wear the stupid shoes, one black, one white.  Great and Wise is a huge Star Trek fan and I figured I could just tell him it was a homage to the episode, “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” where two guys with black and white faces hated each other because one was white on the right and the other wasn’t.

Long story to say I was lazy and wore the stupid shoes and Marty noticed.  We were sitting just finished with lunch when she looked down then looked at me and looked back down, she didn’t say anything.  

I asked, “What’s up?”

“Your shoes, they look stupid.”

“Yeah I know one black and one white.”  I conceded the point, she was right, it did look kind of dumb and I tried to explain why I was wearing shoes that looked stupid.

“We are going to go see Great and Wise like this, is that okay, does that embarrass you?”

Marty looked at me, down at the shoes and back to my face and looked deep into my eyes and said, “Your shoes aren’t what embarrass me about you.”  

Boom….rocked on by my sweet, vulnerable, brain broken, little wife.

I laughed, she smiled and said, “Your shoes are fine, you act goofy though.”

She nailed me, my goofiness has finally caught up with me and I have embarrassed the bride.  

Hey I can live with that, because when she nails me it really feels like home and I think deep down she really likes my shoes and she’s the one that counts the most.

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b. rae said...

Classic Marty!!!