Saturday, September 13, 2014

An "A" From Dr. LungLady

Life marches on…with you or without you… continues.  Our journey, while often a bit circuitous and bumpy, is at a good spot.

We went to see Marty’s lung doc and she gave Marty an “A”.  Marty swears to this minute she got an A+.  She was always a grade ho’.

It’s been months since we have seen Providence Hospital.  It hasn’t been a year but the last time we were there we were watching the Super Bowl, and its football season again (yeah).  

Better than that, better than not seeing Great and Wise on a bi-weekly basis, Marty feels good.  Sure there are fatigue issues, salivary duct issues, various snot and phlegm issues, but no major infections, nothing that has required emergency rooms or hospitals or antibiotics.  

It’s almost been good enough so I can breathe deep and lose those anxiety meds, naw; let’s not get crazy, I still need the tension in my life so I can feel normal.

Marty and I have been to countless movies, been to birthdays, celebrated her birthday in a big way and hung out at the lake for days on end.  We have sung songs, been to a wedding, laughed at each other and the oddities of our life.  We have seen our children and their children on a regular basis and celebrated their special days and their successes.

Said children, who are really adults now, though it’s hard for me to see that, are doing great.  They are all gainfully employed, well married and healthy with their own health insurance.  On the whole they like their chosen vocations get along with their mates and are living independently and oh, our baby daughter is pregnant with her 2nd child and our 4th grandchild.  Our cup truly runneth over and we have a big cup.  

Our grandkids are beginning to be functioning people and are starting various level of school and generally eager to go.  They are terminally cute, exceedingly smart and all three are what one might call precocious.  We like precocious in our family.

My parents are doing great, going and blowing and doing their thing.  We just celebrated their 86th birthdays, sorry Mom; the word is out on your age.  They are healthy, able to do what they want to do, and in a word amazing, and in another word, inspiring.

I know, I know, this is starting to sound like your basic Christmas letter, my kids and my grandkids and even my parents are better than yours, nanna, nanna, boo, boo.  Sorry about that, this is short, deal with it.

There was a time in our most recent journey where it was hard to find the bright spots, where life seemed to be closing in on us and it felt like the aftermath of Marty’s strokes was oppressive and so over powering we could not live a rewarding life.

Marty is better, I am better at my job, we are both more accepting and so grateful for the hours, days and months of good health and favor.  

We used to have one of those kitschy signs in our kitchen that read, “When Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  For us it should be, “When Momma feels good, we all feel good.”  

Today, Momma feels good, hey; she got an A from Dr. LungLady.

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