Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hospital Update

We are still in the hospital. 

Marty is actually doing well, still itching a bit but the benadryl, itching cream I can't spell or pronounce and steroids really seem to help the rash. 

We now have a really nice gastro guy and infectious disease doc working with our own Great and Wise.  All of these really smart people are putting their heads together to figure out the rash and the associated low blood pressure.

I personally am assuming all of this is related to the contrast dye they used Saturday to scan her lower abdomen.  At least that is what makes the most sense to me. 

The steroids have Marty really wired so she is awake, alert and loquacious chatting up all of the nurses, respiratory therapists and caregivers.  She sometimes gets going so fast she loses her place but that's okay with me.

I'm not sure when we are destined to head home.  I suspect after we are sure of the rash and a couple of other things happen we will be excused.

Today, Marty is doing okay.  She hates the hospital, it is exhausting for everyone involved but we are making it.  She, I, we, appreciate all of the kind thoughts, prayers and good wishes.  Please keep them coming and I will let you know when we blow this joint.

PS....I have had a lot of down time so I have been jacking around with the format of our blog....who knows, if we stay here much longer it will change again...


Luan said...

Thanks for the update. We'll continue the prayers. Love to the both of you.

Melissa Stewart said...

So glad to hear!!! Healing prayers going yalls way!!!